Hydrogen Powered Car

Hydrogen can be a very good energy alternative for cars, there are many successful researches on this kind of fuel and the Hydrogen powered car is already manufactured in some countries. But there are some problems with this kind of cars.

Although the hydrogen powered car is very clean and would be a very good friend for our environment, the single car will cost about 1 million dollars. This cost will make the marketing of these types of cars very difficult.

Another problem with the hydrogen cars are the huge spaces needed to store the hydrogen fuel, we need very big fuel stations as well as huge storage spaces to store the unused fuel. Another problem with the hydrogen fuel is the nonavailability. How many fuel station will sell this fuel and gets itself into a risk, they will be very few number of stations.

There is also a bad thing with hydrogen powered cars; it is the competitive price of other green cars like electric and hybrid cars. So, when the electric car will be used widely, selling the hydrogen cars with this expensive price would be impossible with the presence of those cheap electric cars.

Hydrogen cars would be a very good choice for our environment, but we need more researches and solutions to make it suitable for everyone, especially the price and the availability of the fuel.

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