How to Reduce your Power Bill

It is very important thing these days, all of us really need to save our money and saving money by reducing our power bill is very achievable. In this article, I wont talk about saving energy by turn off lights and other electrical devices, but I will stick with the smart idea of convert our homes to be a green energy powered home which use free energy like wind and solar for power. So, how to reduce your power bill by using these kind of energies.

Using free energy like solar and wind is the best solution for the high electricity bill for a simple reason, it is free. You will not have to pay anything for using wind and solar energy. The best thing is solar and wind power systems are very easy to be installed by yourself.

You may want to spend some money for buying a ready solar or wind power system, but I recommend you to build it yourself where you can do it. Installing these types of simple power systems will not cost you more than $100-$150. In return, you'll easily reduce your electricity bill by %70 to %80 in the first month. This clearly means a huge amount of saved money.

Actually, when you use only one wind power system, you will save at least $100 every single month "If you're a high electricity consumer" and $1000s every year. What I want to tell you, if you're really suffering from your high power bill, there is no chance to reduce it without using an alternative energy resource.

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