Create a Simple Electric Generator

Why you don't create a simple electric generator based on free energy resources like wind ans solar energies. Using these green resources is the best solution for your high electricity bill to be reduced by %100.

Creating a simple windmill or solar panel is very easy and you can build them in one or tow hours using available tools. Every unit will cost you about $100 to be built but you can save $100s every month, 1000s every year.

Solar and wind energies are my the number 1 recommendation by all energy experts, the world are going to depend on them in the following few years. If you want to join the new world, you just need to convert your home to solar and/or wind.

Creating a simple windmill or/and solar panel is not difficult, actually it is very easy to install such systems at your home. With simple instructions and diagrams you can build them in your weekend.

Build your renewable electric generator, step by step guide: